Last year I got hurt pretty bad. Every specialist with initials next to their name told me that I would not be able to compete in a strength sport for either a while or ever again. Being 24 at the time, that was unacceptable to me. Once I was able to move without pain I started training again and a few days past the one-year mark of my injury I got on stage and did a full powerlifting competition. Now, I did not get any personal records or come anywhere close to world records but I did get a “mental PR”. I realized that I was able to squat only 70 pounds less than my once best, bench only 25 pounds less than my once best, and deadlift only 60 pounds less than my once best. That is 155 pounds less than the best total I ever had on a platform but it is a lot more than I thought I was going to be able to this past weekend. Yes, my training philosophy was better than my previous training cycles and my sleep and Nutrition was better but I really believe that it. Was my mental game that truly let me hit those Post-Injury PRs.

Getting on the Relentless stage this past weekend did something to my mind. Cleared it up, unclogged my doubts and let me concentrate on what needed to be done. I didn’t overdo it on the warm-ups, I made sure my hydration and supplementation was perfect, and I kept my mind on being the best I could be that day. I never set any goals for this weekend since this was my first competition back. I knew that if I made goals I would be heartbroken if I didn’t hit them and PRs wasn’t what this weekend was about. I was there for the kids and be the best I could be, PRs or no.

As of today I am around (8) weeks away from my next meet and this time I have goals set. My mental game is ready for my body to hit a minimum of my pre-injury PRs and come in leaner than this past competition. Stronger and leaner is the goal and come November, we will be there. In order to get there, the mental game has to be spot on and I plan on keeping it there.

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