Last month, Nubreed Nutrition athlete, Jose Rodriguez gave us his Smart bulking during the holidays.  This month, he continues with his take on starting the cut/fat loss process. 

The bulk for heavier set guys… Well, good thing is you are already bulked! Ha! To keep your girth and size, just add a little cardio or intensify your training and carb cycle to help your body use its stored fat… Energy. Best and simple carb sources are oats, sweet potato, jasmine white rice and or baked potato. Oats for breakfast, jasmine rice for lunch, sweet potato pre and post workout with some raw bee hive honey. Fats also, morning and night only. Unless specified in particular program.

The cut. The easiest yet hardest and most mind playing approach to any bodybuilder or muscle freak. “I don’t wanna lose my size’, ‘I don’t wanna lose muscle’… Well guess what? You WON’T! A guy at 180lbs, 10% body fat looks bigger than a guy 210lbs at 20% body fat with his shirt off. This is about detailing and conditioning the muscle. We need to attack fat, both subcutaneous and ectopic fat. To get that chiseled defined muscular look, we’ll need to have out bodies resort to its existing fat for energy. This is where we cut carbs out for a time and or drastically decrease our intake. Not necessarily going into ketosis but still keeping our energy levels well balanced and brain functioning. 

I believe this should only be done in short time periods because carbs are vital for fat loss. Going back to your BMR, you got to balance your energy intake to output again. While in the cut, we need to burn just a bit more than we are in taking to hit a certain caloric deficit to ensure our body uses its own fat. And again, nutrient timing! WAIT those two and a half hours to three hours to eat. No snacking. People who snack will store fat because your digestive track, your kidneys, your thyroid and liver are all in synchronicity at three hours of digestion. 

When you eat, for the next hour to ninety minutes, your body is breaking down food. Which is why most people get hungry soon after. The next ninety minutes, your body is running on fat for energy and this is where your waist starts to come in and your body uses its stored fat around your stomach, liver, and other abdominal organs resulting in that slimmer and tighter waist and eventually revealing that six pack. If you snack, you must wait a whole other three hours before your body can use fat for energy because after that snack, you eat your next meal and your body will store what you’ve snacked. and we are trying to rid those stores to drop that fat and get cut. As long as your protein is balanced and consistent, along with your fiber, you’ll preserve your dry lean tissue and it’ll start to give you that dry, lean look. 

Don’t be afraid of cardio; cardio is your friend. How else do you expect to feed your body and muscle cells oxygen? Your organs need oxygen too. How many calories should you burn? Well that depends on your condition. Example: My BMR is at 1950cal per day. When I was in my prep cutting from 182 to 165, my cardio was through the roof! I was hitting 400 cal in the morning fasted cardio and 475 cal in the evening pre bed time meal. also, my carbs were cycled because I needed to hit that deficit to ensure my body burned the fat where I needed. So from 1950 minus the 875cal burned, left me with 1075 cal per day. With my carbs cut at minus 700 for a few days at a time, really left me at about 350-400 cal per day to survive. That’s a cut.

To conclude, know these things about yourself.

1. Your BMR

2. Your digestive timing

3. Your weekly scheduling to properly plan your meals and timing out your nutrients accordingly.

Meal prepping is easy, it’s the cleaning afterwards that’s the rough part. Your protein sources can be grilled or baked in one day or what I do, since I have a break in the middle of my day and I don’t like reheated protein, I grill two protein serving when I wake up and pack a shake to take with me to work. If I have a shake for breakfast, I’ll have two solid meals following plus my second shake as a the fourth meal and just worry about dinner. As far as carbs go, you can bake sweet potatoes and regular potatoes 6-8 at a time and they’ll last all week, just fit them in to the respective meal. Your vegetables don’t need cooking. Eat them raw and save some time. I like to cut mine up and separate them to be able to pack on the go and makes it easier. 

Know your foods, premeditate your week to have a better plan of execution and play with your carbohydrates. Each of us, all our bodies are different and have different requirements. As I said, we will never be as big or as ripped as we want to be. This lifestyle is never ending and we are our own experiment everyday. Stay consistent, rip that muscle and do your cardio. You don’t train to lose!

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