Marshall Johnson

Don’t Fear Failure

Do not let the fear of failure affect your training or performance. Failure will happen, it does to everyone, no one is immune. The people who achieve great things know this and they use failure as fuel, as a tool to improve. If you aren’t failing, then you aren’t pushing yourself to the absolute limits. Failure is there to show us how bad we really want something. If you get hit and failure knocks you over, fall face up. Because if you can look up, you can get up. All successful people fail, they usually fail more than they succeed. It is their drive and unresting perseverance that picks them up every time they fall. Every time you fall and get back up you get smarter, you get wiser and you get better. Do not be afraid to fail. There’s always light at the end of darkness. Some of my biggest failures in competition have opened the biggest doors for me in my power lifting career. People can see if you have heart, if you’re driven, if you’re giving your absolute all. People respect that more than success. It took me a long time to learn that.


Marshall Johnson

When you are preparing for competition, remember that the only lift that matters is on the platform. Do not live up to other people’s expectations. As long as you’re training as hard as you can, and giving it everything you have, you will be successful. The road to success is full of failure so remember to accept failure as a lesson. Come into a meet as prepared as humanly possible, and be the best lifter you can be on that particular day.

Prepare, Perform and Prevail!

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