Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry that I could not travel both, I took the one MORE traveled because that’s the one that goes where I want to be. Seriously, it’s time to cut the “I’m a unique snowflake” bologna and do what it takes to get where you’re going.

My gym is home to some of the most successful powerlifters in the world, so it always amazes me when someone makes the trip in from out of state to train with us and then proceeds to do their own routine. We’re not successful because of the gym, we’re successful because of what we do at the gym.

It’s absolutely true that every champion must eventually find their own way, but most of that journey has been done before. There’s a well worn trail to follow, all you need to do is find it. With most pros being all over social media and everyone putting out their own ebook there’s no reason to waste time and energy blazing your own trail, snowflake. Pick a path, pick a method, and commit. Spend a few years following the beaten path to success.

There are no secrets. The path to your goals is lit brightly with the glow of successful bodybuilders’ and powerlifters’ social media and ebooks telling you the answers. You just need to be willing to put one foot in front of the other and follow the path that they blazed for you.

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