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A little background about myself. The first diet I ever tried was from an old newspaper article written by Natural Bodybuilder (from Hawaii)
Mike Monis.

I followed his diet as best as I could; consuming some carbs (noodles) in the morning after fasted cardio, beans and lean ground beef for lunch and roughly the same for dinner with veggies and protein shakes throughout the day. I went from 220lbs down to 170lbs.. I did it all within 7 months! My cardio was perfect to make the HS basketball team but a fractured wrist during try-outs decided my fate that I would never make the team.

What I didn’t understand was that even though I lost 50lbs, I STILL didn’t have abs showing.  I thought that there was something wrong with my body, genetically, like I didn’t have abs or something.  As time went on, I read more fitness magazines (Men’s Health, Flex, MD, Muscle Mag, as the list goes on).  I also spent a majority of my college years on the forums (MD, RxMuscle & IntenseMuscle to name a few).  It was there that knowledge was literally at your finger tips, to learn from industry professionals.

I’ve done the keto diet, 3 times for an extended period of time (minimum 15 weeks) and carb cycling (with some success).  I’ve also done the moderate intensity steady state (MISS) cardio, as well as high intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio.  But the reasoning why I wanted to try HC2, was because it the exact opposite of nearly every “bodybuilding” diet out there! So if people are having success with it, then there MUST be something going on here that I wasn’t aware of.  I admit that you MUST keep an open mind while trying this out.  If you believe you’re going to fail, then you will, but science doesn’t lie.


So far, I’ve been on HC2 since February (going into month 4, wow has time flew by!).  I started off struggling REAL bad because I was eating the bananas YELLOW, not spotted or browning. Like most people, consuming yellow bananas are the norm.  I struggled to eat 12 a day.  Now that I’m eating/drinking them spotted, I’m averaging 30 a day, blended in a gallon jug with some cinnamon and sea salt.

Haven’t started doing my cardio yet.  I know I have to get on it.   Sometimes I feel like Purpose Training is like cardio lol.  My macros, for those who want to know, are ROUGHLY 728g carbs, 16g fats (trace fats from bananas, rice and protein mainly; with 4g of high quality fish oil) & 65g protein.  I likely have to get my calories UP, but once a week I’ll try to eat out for now.  Typically, sushi but I make sure that I train prior to this refeed.  You know how I feel about ”
cheat meals.”  Even though it’s really semantics, some people have developed eating disorders because of it.   Once I can get my cardio started I will update again with some selfies that’ll blow you away.  Remember I started around 250 lbs (as of 05/13/15, I am hovering around 223 lbs)!

My current Nubreed Nutrition stack:

Insanity (upon waking up)

Menace (30 minutes prior to Undisputed)

Undisputed (roughy 10 minutes before weight training)

Helix BCAA (sipped on intraworkout) currently switching out between Cherry Limeade & Watermelon Lemonade

Heliotropin (on an empty stomach before bed)

Live your life.  Be happy with who you are.  And lift something HEAVY.

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