Strutting down the beach, shotgunning two frothy beers in hand, as his hairy gut pours over his waistline, his jeans look like a bad spandex booty shorts. This man can renovate a bathroom. That’s the man of your dreams, as he belches out your name letter by letter, according to Mackenzie Pearson. Not only does her blog post, “Why Girls Love the Dad Bod,” emphasizes that it’s totally fine to be unhealthy but also shows her insecurities and her self-centeredness.

What is the sexy “Dad Bod”

The “Dad Bod,” is a mix of a beer gut with working out. Can you already see the discrepancy here?! I won’t ever tell someone to NOT enjoy themselves, while putting work in the gym, but at no point should they have a “beer gut.” That’s one way that your body is asking you “why are you doing this to me?” Which guy ever wants to look 20 months pregnant? Mackenzie says that a beer gut doesn’t mean you’re overweight. Um…what?

Why girls love the “Dad Bod”

She then goes on to explain her point of view on why “girls” (NOT women who are mature, knows what she wants and is secure about herself) are “crazy” about the dad bod. First, she says it doesn’t intimidate them. She says that girls feel insecure when they take a picture with a guy, who’s in shape. Red flag! Why does she need to justify the dad bod when she has insecurity issues going on? It sounds like she should be HAPPY with HERSELF rather than looking to find happiness in someone else. Hey Mackenzie, if you ever need a dating consultant, email me.


She also says that “girls” like to be the pretty one, meaning the center of attention. Is that why some girls will say they have more guy friends than girls? Because the girls are all fighting for the spotlight, and by having lots of guy friends, they can always be the center of attention? But then she says that the bigger the guy is, the smaller she feels and looks better in a picture with him. Hey Mackenzie, maybe meet a bodybuilder or someone who trains their legs. Because you know if a guy, who has a good set of wheels, will have a good upper body to match. Just a thought.

Her third reason, is because a beer belly is better to cuddle with. I’m sure you can easily rest your head on that GUT, as the two of you watch some good ole fashion reality TV about getting drunk and sleeping with someone’s best friend’s ex. Match made in heaven.

And apparently, meal prepping on Sundays will affect her Tuesdays or Wednesdays. If you’re with someone, who has to prep his meals each Sunday, then you SHOULD be supportive of HIS goals. Now, if the said guy isn’t getting ready to do a competition, then going out to eat shouldn’t be an issue really. If he is prepping for a competition then that’s a compromise that you two have to talk over. If everything is about you in the relationship, then you’re not ready to commit to a serious one OR go find a guy who’s pushover.

In closing, I’m running out of beer…

Here’s the big bang. Mackenzie said she will feel comfortable to be with a guy who will look the same in his twenties and in his mid-forties. While that’s fine, I would MUCH prefer to look better as I age. But I also got into fitness and working out because I never knew my Grandfather. He was battling diabetes and passed away before I even went to preschool. The only faint memories I had of him, was that he was sick in his chair and couldn’t play with my sister and I. THAT’S why I enjoy training, THAT’S why I turned my diet into a SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE. So I can enjoy being active (with my grandkids, if God allows it one day) and still be able to enjoy FOOD.

So please Mackenzie, get some professional help to clean up your brainwashed ideology of believing that all “girls” want this type of guy. Maybe it’s because you haven’t matured and don’t consider yourself a woman yet. You provided many insecurities in your post and it’s obvious. Each person has his/her opinion and right to live a healthier lifestyle or not. You don’t always have to go to the gym. You don’t have to look like Ronnie Coleman or some guy on the cover of a magazine.  But you could go play tennis, basketball, go hiking, etc.. There are many more ways to stay healthy and active, rather than spending time in the gym, unless you want to look like a superhero. To each their own. I’m not putting down the beer gut; it’s his right to enjoy greasy food with empty calories, but I would prefer extending my life a few extra years than cutting it short and looking fucking sexy in doing so!  If you want to enjoy a good beer or cocktail, I’d say as long as it’s in moderation, then go for it (as long as you’re of age).  I don’t drink because I have low tolerance anyway, so it saves me money at the same time.

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Here’s the kicker for anyone wondering how they can go from the “Dad Bod” to a healthy “Dad Bod.” First I will always say this, it starts with your nutrition, training/activity, then supplementation. You won’t notice the best possible effects of taking supplements if you eat like shit and you don’t know how to train your body in the gym. You also won’t get the most beneficial results if you eat like shit and expect that your training will burn off the dozen tacos or three dozen chicken wings you ate.

Get your nutrition under control and make it SUSTAINABLE for your lifestyle. Then, work with a trainer who understands your body and is willing to work with you on a training program. Finally, always ask questions about nutrition/sports supplements. What may work for your friend, may not work for you. Here at Nubreed Nutrition, we’ve created supplements that anyone may implement, for the stay at home Moms, weekend warriors, and all the way up to the professional athletes. The choice is yours, but take care of your health and most importantly, BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF.

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