First of all, we’d like to thank Europa Sports for having Nubreed Nutrition at their show this past weekend in Orlando. Everything went smoothly, from the set up to break down and everything in-between. It was one of the smoother shows we’ve been a part of.

Secondly, we’d love to thank the Nubreed Nation for coming out to support us and to the new members of the Nubreed movement. We enjoy meeting those who thoroughly enjoy and implement our products, which take a coupious amount of man hours to create, produce and perfect.

The Nubreed Nation of athletes, were able to experience our two popular flavors of Helix BCAAs (Mango-Orange & Blue Raspberry) and it ended up being an even match up. Everyone from Grandmas and Grandpas to kids as young as 3 years old, all gave their thumbs up approval of our high quality branch chained amino acids. It doesn’t matter what level of activity you enjoy doing, as long as your body needs to recovery properly, you can make use of Helix BCAA in your regiment to keep you active and healthy. For more information on Helix BCAA, click here.

We also ran out of our Undisputed (pre-workout) samples as well as our Insanity and Tenacity samples. So be sure to leave a comment on our Facebook page of how you’ve been implementing them in your training and how you’re loving them!

Stay up to date with our latest product launches, which will be announced on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. We’ll also be announcing the upcoming expos Nubreed Nutrition will be at next.

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