HELIX BCAA  – Easy to mix Branch Chain Amino Acids (*BCAA’s)

Yes….It’s a delicious tasting amino acid!
It’s so good we guarantee it!

  • Rapidly absorbs – so you feel the effects faster.
  • Unique blend – helps prevent your muscle from breaking down (catabolism)
  • Reduce potential post workout muscle soreness.
  • Mixes almost instantly– The easiest BCCA powder to mix
  • Delicious Taste! – Strong online reviews!

HELIX BCAA was designed to accelerate recovery and muscle growth in elite athletes, and those who just want more results from their workouts.  We’ve combined heavily researched ingredients and have developed the most advanced amino acid cocktail that will help you seen results faster than ever before.

*Amino acids are the building blocks that make up protein, BCCA’s are select amino acids  that make up 35% of your muscle mass.

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When you train hard, the ability to recover efficiently can become compromised. When this happens and you’re too sore to get back in the gym, your progress suffers. Since we know this all too well at Nubreed Nutrition, we designed Helix BCAA to not only accelerate your recovery and maximize blood flow but to also decrease your susceptibility to potential muscle aches and pains.

HELIX BCAA is the evolution of BCAA’s utilizing instantized aminos for rapid nutrient assimilation, superior bio-availability, and maximizing protein synthesis. All of this helps mitigate any catabolism and reduce potential delayed onset muscular soreness (DOMS). HELIX BCAA was designed to accelerate recovery and muscle growth in elite athletes by combining the highest quality of ingredients with the most scientifically advanced amino acid cocktails to catapult your athletic performance to the next level.

10:1:1 Instantized Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) – What separates the BCAAs in HELIX versus many other companies is the quality of the material and the rapid mixability of them. The truth is, many companies use low quality BCAAs and you can typically tell that because they really don’t mix well. Instead of going through some extra processing steps to ensure uniform particle size and processes which allow for “instantizing” of the amino acids, they skip it to save money. We don’t do this at Nubreed and pay more so you can get better results.

BCAAs are the backbone of any supplemental recovery program. They work by offsetting your body’s own breakdown of BCAA’s while training. Believe it or not, as you are training, muscle tissue begins to breakdown and when they break down, BCAAs are broken down into ammonia and other waste products. When you supplement BCAAs while training, you offset the BCAA loss by providing a working muscle an extra pool of BCAA’s to process and use as potential energy, etc. This is why BCAA’s help offset soreness and provide a stimulant free source of energy for working muscles.

Warning: This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy adults 18 years of age or older. Before using this product consult with your physician if you are using any prescription or over the counter medication or if you have any pre-existing medical condition including but not limited to: high or low blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, stroke, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, seizure disorder, psychiatric disease, diabetes, difficulty urinating due to prostate enlargement or if you are taking MAOI (Mono Oxidase Inhibitor) or any other medication. Discontinue 2 weeks prior to surgery. Do not combine with alcohol. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Discontinue use and please call toll free 1-888-963-8914 if you experience any adverse reaction to this product.

Directions: As a dietary supplements Mix 1 level scoop with 8-12oz (235-355ml) of cold water (based on desired taste), stir or shake, consume during exercise on training days, or throughout the day on non training days.

Agmatine sulphate (as AgmaFLOW– We at Nubreed included this for two reasons. First it help with blood flow. It works by binding to the alpha2-adrenergic and imidazole receptors of endothelial cells increasing nitric oxide (NO) production which may assist in volumizing blood vessels. Secondly, we included it because it helps reduce the expression of muscle related pain receptors. Training past normal pain thresholds is something elite athletes learn to do and now you can with Helix.

Alpha hydroxy-isocaproic acid (HICA) – Keto acids such as this one are actually metabolites of leucine. Sometimes, as research has suggested, these concentrated metabolites can serve a strong role for athletes and this is most definitely the case with HICA. Research has shown that even in endurance athletes such as soccer players, HICA can help increase muscle mass a bit. So youre probably thinking, just take more leucine right? The reality is, the amount of leucine necessary to replicate the dose of HICA is extremely large and its potentially more efficient to combine the two. This is why we included HICA in HELIX to help accelerate recovery and anabolic processes more so than just BCAAs alone.

Beta-Alanine – Beta-alanine is another not so common ingredient found in any other BCAA formula except for HELIX. It increases endurance by increasing the buffering capacity of working muscle, fights off acidosis, delays fatigue, and increases endurance capacity. Its important to split up doses as well and these days, you only find beta-alanine in pre-workouts. If youre a hard training athlete, HELIX allows you to get in adequate doses of beta-alanine throughout the day without any extra stimulants found in pre-workouts.

Taurine – This important anti-oxidant and water balance regulator has demonstrated in numerous studies to help increase endurance levels. Unfortunately, you can load this and increase muscle levels despite the fact that when training a lot gets released into the bloodstream. What you can do is take acute doses before or during training to help your training levels while training. By doing this, you assist proper water movement in and out of working muscles as taurine is considered an osmolyte. In more recent research it has been shown to reduce delayed onset muscular soreness so the synergy with BCAAs can be very dramatic in athletes.

L-Citrulline – L-Citrulline is a compound consisting of Citrulline, a nonessential amino acid that is primarily found in melons, and malate, an apple derivative. Here is something else you need to know about Citrulline… it is an intermediate in the Urea Cycle. The Urea Cycle is a system in the liver of carrier molecules and enzymes that convert nitrogenous wastes into urea and eliminates them from the body. The production and removal of urea is essential for the elimination of ammonia and toxic nitrogen metabolites. Ammonia is extremely toxic to all cells and excessive levels may even be fatal. Even in healthy athletes, the build up of ammonia can lead to extreme fatigue and dementia.6 It also reduces glycogen formation, and inhibits the energy cycle. Obviously this is what every athlete wants to avoid!

Unfortunately all exercise, anaerobic and aerobic exercise produces tons of this stuff.7 Ammonia also forms when bacteria in the intestinal tract breaks down protein. The point is that the more ammonia in your blood, the poorer your athletic performance.8 L-Citrulline comes to the rescue once again by aiding in the elimination of amino acid byproducts of protein metabolism. Researchers also purpose that L-Citrulline may help to eliminate the burn associated with lactic acid build up as well as reduce the negative effects of ammonia and bacterial endotoxins on performance. Demonstrations also show L-Citrulline as having a protective effect against acidosis and ammonia poisoning.12 The metabolic actions of L-Citrulline clearly explain the anti-fatigue properties in man and shows great promise to its uses as a performance enhancer for athletes.

For the past 20 years L-Citrulline has been used in Europe to treat fatigue, muscle weakness and Dementia. Dementia is a mental disorder that affects your ability to think, speak and move. L-Citrulline has been used with great success by European clinicians as a natural antiasthenic, with reported results of increased energy and overall feelings of well-being.

Lysine – An essential amino acid, this important ingredient in HELIX helps drive certain processes related to protein synthesis. Yes, leucine is important in this role, but lysine is also an essential amino acid, meaning it needs it, but can produce it like lysine. So while leucine is a driver for stimulating protein synthesis, lysine is a catalyst for protein synthesis. What this means is that you cant have one without the other. Lysine is also responsible for reducing any catabolism as well while you train and because of this, it can enhance recovery rates when combined with BCAAs.

Glycine – While this is not an essential amino acid, this does serve an essential role in HELIX. What glycine does is reduce exercise related cortisol output and in turn this can help increase recovery rates. Cortisol levels are general high while training and post workout. While glycine hasnt been shown to have a favorable effect on hormones directly, cortisol has been shown to have a negative effect on testosterone. Controlling it, can help optimize hormone levels.

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