noviembre 25, 2019

In meeting so many people throughout the country, at fitness expos, through social media, friends, acquaintances and customers at the stores I managed, I have heard of so many “trainers” give their members/clients some ridiculously low caloric diets, that not only destroyed their metabolism and thyroid, but it also made them even more frustrated and essentially had them giving up on them ever losing the weight and living a healthier lifestyle that they always dreamed of.  People think that just because they have a piece of paper that says they passed a test, that they know how to train someone properly, or know how to help them live a longer, and healthier life.  It doesn’t mean shit.


            All it means is that they were good at memorizing what was on the test, without having practical knowledge and experience on how to attain the desired goals without fucking up someone’s health.  As of writing this, I just had a female customer come to me and ask how she could lose the weight that she’s been trying to.  She had lost 40 lbs already by having 5 shakes a day with dinner as a small meal given to her by a local trainer.  Another local trainer had told her to eat a 900 calorie “carb cycling” diet inorder lose more weight while doing 5 intense workouts a week. These are the types of ignorant “trainers” that are out there giving advice to paying clients, who get even more depressed about their lives because they’re led to believe that they’ll always be fat no matter what they do.  It seriously pisses me off to see so much misinformation and brainwashing that’s going on in the health and fitness sector.


            For those who don’t know what carb cycling means, it’s where you have a starting carb intake (say 180g for a male weighing 200lbs).  That would be his daily carb intake (as a rough estimate without knowing his metabolic rate, physical activity, stature, etc).  On his high carb days, it would be at least double that amount (360g a day).  In general, that’s where one would start out at.  A knowledgeable trainer would then work with the client week-by-week and assess whether or not s/he needs to modify the diet and/or training based off of the weekly results.


            This is where the mastery of knowing how one’s body works, is when the magic happens.  It may take a few weeks to get someone’s body accustomed to the food intake and training before any changes need to be made.  Remember, consistency is HUGE.  Everything needs to be followed almost exactly, so the trainer won’t have to be guessing all of the time as to what changes need to be made next.


Going back to this woman.  I felt bad for her for being misled not only once, but twice!  When I had told her what I would have done if she were my client, she freaked out about me suggesting that she needs more food to help aid her thyroid and metabolism.  That’s how screwed up people are.