noviembre 01, 2019

Many of you reading this may be super successful in one aspect of your life, whether that be career/business, education, fitness, etc... .  Sometimes, we overlook the other areas of our lives and realize we lack balance in them.  For 17 years, fitness and bodybuilding was my primary focus over everything else, family included.  I lacked a lot of self development, career growth and strength in relationships.  It wasn’t until I retired from competitive bodybuilding that I understood this.  It freed up a lot of my time to work on those other areas in my life to create balance, harmony and to create massive growth in relationships/community, career and self development.  I put the same work ethic into those areas, as I have done with the gym.  And like the body, it takes some time, consistency and dedication to start to see the results come to fruition.  Others may see it like an overnight success, but they don’t realize all the sacrifices and will power it takes to achieve this level of success.


            If you’re successful at your craft, then all of you know this.  Building the body takes the same discipline and determination as it did to build your businesses.  The big takeaway is that if you don’t keep your body healthy, you may suffer lots of illnesses, a weakened immune system and what good does that do if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor?  What good does it do if you can’t travel, or become diabetic and can’t enjoy the foods that you love?  The key is keeping your body, mind and spirit young and energized through a healthy balance of physical fitness, work, relationships and self care.  It won’t always balance out at 25% of each, so long as we can maneuver our way towards healthy growth and success in all areas of our lives.


            Some weeks you may only workout twice a week, which is fine, (as I tell my clients) as long as you hit it intensely and make sure your nutrition is in check, you’ll be fine.  Do what you have to do in the meantime and get back to it the following week.  Consistency is a huge part of the results you’ll attain.  Limit the amount of open bars/happy hours that you share drinks at; or at the very least have it in MODERATION.  Your body will thank you for the next few days after for not getting shit faced drunk.  You’ll probably even get more business at those networking events by remembering the names of people you met. 


            All jokes aside, fitness plays an integral role in how successful you are in the other areas of your life, because you’ll have more energy and clarity for important decision making, for meetings, and creating new avenues of wealth.  You’ll feel younger, healthier, your libido will increase and as well as the longevity of your lifespan.  You’ll still be kicking ass and taking names for as long as you are physically capable of.


            This is YOUR life, YOUR future, YOUR investment.  You can always make more money, but no one, and I mean NO ONE can buy back time from being sick, from a health related disease, that could have been prevented if you only worked out and ate properly.

By: Jason Ono