Krissy Chin

chin-pic.pngKrissy Chin is a highly ambitious, driven and successful medical and fitness professional, who was born and raised in New York. She was highly competitive and engaged in sports throughout her childhood, which continued into high school where she was a 3-Varsity athlete and captain earning honors. Krissy was profoundly propelled into health and fitness when both of her parents were diagnosed with cancer. They both battled and later lost their lives to the awful disease. Krissy was then further determined & motivated to approach life in a healthy, positive and upward direction while inspiring & helping others along the way.

Krissy graduated Valedictorian from Touro College (Bayshore, NY) in 2000 with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy/Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences with Summa Cum Laude Honors. She has been in practice as a Physical Therapist since 2000 after graduating Valedictorian with the highest GPA ever recorded in the school’s history (3.972/4.0). She has worked with a variety of patients from pediatrics to geriatrics and has treated varying medical diagnoses such as spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, cancer, orthopedic injuries, post-surgical, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and many other conditions. Krissy just recently opened her own Private Physical Therapy practice-The Healing Studio, Inc. in Murrieta, CA since she felt there was a need for more personalized hands-on care. At The Healing Studio, Inc., Krissy is the sole PT practitioner and focuses on authentic & holistic healing in a one-on-one environment that addresses the totality of the patient. Krissy is committed at providing high quality professional physical therapy services, specializing in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release in a safe & compassionate environment. 

Alongside her medical career, she has been competing successfully in figure and bikini competitions since 2003. Krissy earned her IFBB Professional card in 2007 NPC Team Universe/Figure Nationals & since turning Pro, she has competed in over 30 Professional events including the Figure International (Arnold) 2x, the Figure Olympia 3X and has 2 IFBB Professional wins after her pregnancy. Krissy has also graced the pages of fitness publications and fitness magazine covers. She continues to be very active in the fitness industry as a sponsored athlete of Team Nubreed Nutrition, competitor, posing & prep coach and she also emcees both Professional and amateur fitness events throughout the year. In addition, Krissy also works with many individuals who are trying to lead healthier lifestyles, are trying to lose weight and/or who are trying to get in shape. Krissy has made it a life goal of hers to love, to help and to inspire others in their life journey. In addition to her Professional medical and fitness career, she is a wife and a proud mom of a beautiful 4- year old daughter-London MeiLan.

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