Posted by Jasen Ono on 31st Mar 2016

Cheat Meal

(Originally posted on DreamPhysique.net, 08/2014)

In working with so many clients and with one competing tomorrow, I often get asked about cheat meals. When people go on a diet, one of the first things they ask about is if they can get a cheat meal(s) during their diet. Here’s my take on cheat meals.

I DISPISE it. I hate the term “cheat” meals. It’s as if it gives the person an opportunity to go ape on not so quality foods. That’s not necessarily the point of it. Yes, it’s supposed to give you a mental break, as well as to reset your leptin levels while dieting. But it should be controlled to a degree.

Whenever people say they have a “cheat day” just realize that they’re giving themselves an excuse to pig out because of their unstable diet (and unhealthy lifestyle). If you really have a need to do a cheat meal each week and you’re hovering around 20% body fat, then please eat foods that you actually like during the week instead of starving/depriving yourself. That’s NOT a healthy way to lose fat.

Refeeds don’t work as well for people who have a lot of body fat to lose. For those people, just maintain a healthy diet and keep exercising. What took years to put on, won’t magically fall off in 12 weeks. Do refeeds work for those who have already been dieting? Yes, especially for extended periods of time. Overtime, you'll be able to maintain that healthy lifestyle by incorporating a refeed(s) while maintain a healthy body fat level. Isn't that what people want in the first place? I don't know of anyone who specifically wants to be obese, or to look sickly skinny...

In the long run, by deeming the term “cheat meal” you’re going to create more unwanted issues with your nutrition and will not have a healthy relationship with food.

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